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Mirage Training Institute

A professional’s need for education and training does not end upon completion of their formal schooling years. Today, more than ever, continuing education is paramount to maintaining and enhancing one’s skills, especially in response to changes in technology that impact virtually every procedure. Mirage Training Institute was built in order to give the dental profession a local resource for continuing education. Dentists and other dental professionals come to learn about CAD/CAM, same-day dentistry from the experience of Dr. Michael Moroni. Dr. Moroni has developed his technique over 20 years of practice and enjoys sharing the information with other doctors.

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While dentists are learning new skills to improve their practice, their administration team can learn more about insurance billing, accounts receivable, digital dental management and other office procedures. With more than 15 years of experience, our team loves sharing their knowledge to help other offices run smoothly for the benefit of both the office and their patients.

Please feel free to contact Mirage Dental Associates today at 720-733-3440 if you have any questions. Our dentists in Castle Rock, Colorado, will be happy to provide you with additional information.

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