Taking Action Against Oral Cancer

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As the population continues to grow in our beloved state, there’s outside factors that could effect your oral health. Oral Cancer screenings are going to play a role at detecting early mouth cancer that could be caused by air pollution according to this recent study especially if you are a vaper, smoker or chewer. At your visits with us, we offer the oral cancer screenings with every preventative care visit. While not being something typically covered by insurance, we offer it to every patient at no charge as we feel it is so important!- how awesome is that!? We utilize advanced Identafi® technology in order to diagnose oral cancer as early as possible. Here is a article that explains the process.

To keep your smile bones healthy its pretty simple: brush twice a day, use mouthwash and floss daily, chew sugar-free gum between meals and keep your regularly scheduled dental checkups at least twice a year. Taking measures to quit habits like smoking and chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol in excess, will also always improve oral health.

Now keeping the air clean, that’s a feat in itself…

The Clean Air Act was designed for reducing air quality related health conditions and premature death, and was put into force in 1970. Denver legislators continue to work on reducing air pollution by addressing commuter traffic with a Mobility Action Plan which includes increasing mass transit. Up to 40% of the air pollution is a result of the growing oil and gas production industry in the state, which is something that lawmakers are looking to address as well.